Welcome to TransIT!

The TransIT Model project is an open source project licensed under an Academic Free License (AFL). It has been developed by Justin Spiteri, a final year student reading for a Degree in Information Technology at the University of Malta, Europe (As at May 2006). This project can thus be considered as having an academic nature. In fact it has been submitted as a Final Year Project, accompanying a dissertation which may be found in the "Documents" section.

Web Site Sections

The sections provided on this site offer complete coverage for the TransIT Model project content. A brief overview of the project in general is given in The Project section, followed by a review of the Meta Model and an accompanying Transaction Management Engine in The Language and The API sections respectively.

In the Examples section, three examples of transaction models defined using the meta model are provided, accompanied by two sample applications which make use of the Models, throught the integration of the Transit Model API into them. While the Documents section contains archived versions of the project's dissertation and various documents, the source code and binaries may be downloaded from the SourceForge website, through the link provided in the Utilities section. This section also provides a set of stanard utilities which expose the project to the open source community. These include a Forum, a Bug Reporter, a Desirable Requirements Notifier, Release file Poster and Versioning and various other utilities which orient the Transit Model Project towards a full open source nature.

Finally the Contact section contains the Author's contact information, together with a list of various sites which appeal to the reader who is interested in the field of Transaction Modeling and Management.