The TransIT Meta Model

The main objective of this project is the introduction of a series of novel concepts resulting from an extensive research which standardize the process of transaction model definition, through the design and development of a specialized Meta Model, the Transit Meta Model. The Transit Meta Model is an XML based scripting language which allows the definition of any workflow based transaction models using classic imperative language blocks such as “if then” and “for do” statements. Being compliant to W3C XML specifications, and having well known language constructs, the language succeeds in simplifying the transaction model description process, by virtually abstracting the developer from complex transactional details such as transaction inter dependencies. The only knowledge needed by a developer to use the Transit Model Solution is basic OOP programming language knowledge, knowledge of XML syntax, and basic experience in the creation of abstract workflows.

TransIT Meta Model Specification

The following Portable Document Format file contains the current Meta Model Specification, together with three transaction model examples, a SAGA based model, a NESTED model, and a TransIT version of the Long Lived Transaction Model: