Transaction Model Samples

The following link provides three samples each consisting of a transaction model definition which has been developed using the TransIT Meta Model. The three models included are the Nested Transaction Model, a Custom Model based loosely on SAGA principles, while dynamically implementing a try...catch construct using basic script elements, and finally a definition of the LLT Model, as developed by Ixaris (Malta) Ltd., however defined using the TransIT scripting language. The files are formatted in W3C compliant XML syntax, and can be viewed with any text editor; however XML specific editors such as Altova's XML Spy or others may provide better support.

TransIT Enabled Sample Applications

The applications presented here have a purely demonstrative goal, that of proving the applicability of the transit meta model concept through a transaction management system and workflow engine such as the Transit Model Solution provided in the accompanying API. Two applications are present in the archive, a Transit Enabled Version of the populare VOIP based program Skype, and a Transit Enabled version of an Australian Holiday Planner Site. Please note that the actual applications are non functional, except for the part which concerns Transaction Managment, topping up the User's account in Skype's case, and Booking the Holiday in the case of the Holiday Planner's site.