Open Source Utilities

With the approval of TransIT to, the project is being exposed to the open source community, and has been standardised using a series of open source utilities available on sourceforge.

These utilities are available at : They include:

A Forum

The forum's main task is that of setting up a means of communication between the project team and the open source community in general, thus allowing suggestions, comments, and information in genereal to be shared, with the end goal of improving the TransIT project itself.

A News Posting System

This utility allows the developers to keep a the end users who are utilizing the TransIT Model Solution with regular updates, patch releases, and bug fixes. Generic news may also be divulged.

Support Ticket Trackers

Sourceforge offers a support ticket architecture, which enables developers using the TransIT model solution to ask questions to the TransIT team members.

Bug reporting and Patching Facilities

Official feedback bug reporters and patch versioning facilities are available for the TransIT project through sourceforge's facilities.

Feature Requests

End users can directly request desirable features to be added to the solution, through this facility.

Standard file versioning and Release System

An official file versioning has been applied to sourceforge's release files, both binaries and source. These are avaliable for download here.